Birthday Party Specials – Double Savings

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Are you in the process of planning your child’s birthday party? There are a few secrets you need to know about using your Chuck E Cheese coupons and planning the party to get the most fun and lowest prices.

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The first thing to consider to save money and increase the fun is whether you can have the party on a Friday, Sunday, or week day. Saturday is the busiest day of the week for parties at Chuck E Cheese. They offer fewer discounts and will chase you away from your table sooner. On Friday and Sunday you can get an extra 100 tokens for no added cost. That is about a $25 value without using any of your coupons.

Avoid Saturday to Make Your Experience Better

Weekdays are the really slow days for Chuck E Cheese so you can usually get the best deals of all. You may be able to get the 100 free tokens plus unlimited time at your table. On Friday through Sunday you get chased away from your table in just two hours. As you probably can guess, two hours flies by very quickly at Chuck E Cheese.

To get the highest savings for your birthday party requires using a combination of their birthday party specials and your Chuck E Cheese printable coupons. You can get about 30% off the price of tokens using the right coupons, plus cut your food bill dramatically. If the party happens to be around the end of a school grading period ask if all of the kids can bring their report cards to the party. They will get free tokens for their grades which can help cut your bill even further.

If you are smart, you have probably enlisted the help of a couple other adults to help chaperone the kids. You should probably add a couple coupons for all you can eat salad bars and buffalo wings to your stash of Chuck E Cheese coupons to keep them happy and save money.

Do not forget to ask if your local Chuck E Cheese has a ticket blaster. This fun device lets your birthday boy or girl try to catch as magic ticket worth up to 1000 prize tickets. They are guaranteed to get a minimum of 200 tickets while they have a blast in the machine. As you can see, using Chuck E Coupons and party planning will save money and increase fun.

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